Boxed Launch was founded to help small food entrepreneurs get from idea to product launch in 6 weeks.

We help guide our clients through the challenges of starting a food product business from start to launch, accelerating the entire process by helping our clients concentrate on the right questions while avoiding the all to common mistakes.


From Idea to Launch in 6 Weeks Days

From our many years dealing in small business and start ups, we have found that the main reason that ideas never reach reality is because of an unnecessarily long startup phase. This period – between when you decide you want to act on an idea and when the idea is accessible to the public for the first time – has the tendency to stall on anything from trying to find the perfect logo to determining the right run size for your product. Stalling on one of the thousands of small decisions that need to be made during the process of launching a business for the first time can bog down a project to the point of collapse and can zap all its resources in the meantime.

Boxed Launch is specifically designed to overcome the hardships of launching a food business. Through our teams understanding of inexpensive and effective technologies, sharp marketing and design eyes, and years of experience in this field, we take your potential business from idea to functional food business in 6 weeks.

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Knowing When to Do What

One of the hardest parts of launching your own food product is knowing what needs to get done in order to launch. What are the regulations that need to be followed. How many products should I have pre-made. How do I price my product. We help our clients identify the items that need to be done and help them complete each item.

Almost as important is knowing what order to complete the steps of launching in. Doing a step out of order can potentially cost you money and time, both of which are at a premium while trying to launch. Our 6 week programmatic approach lays out the order in which each of the task needs completion week by week and we help our clients check each item off the list until launch.
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