Past Work



Single Sins

Single Sins is a line of single serving treats and baking mixes that are designed specifically for one person and one person only. For each of the 3 lines - SavorySweet, and Shots - we created 5 different baking mix recipes, so you should be able to find all that tempts you.




Train Juice from Nogzville

Train Juice is alcohol mix product from the New York City lifestyle brand Nogzville. It is designed to mix with alcohol when on the go (not driving).





Mason Jar Cookie Company

Mason Jar Cookie Company offers over 189,000 combinations of custom, individualized cookie blends, artistically hand-layered Mason Jars.  The current line consists of five base blends and more than seventy different add-in possibilities from diced oranges to espresso beans.  Just dump the ingredients into a bowl and add dairy.




Responsible Sins

Responsible Sins products are designed to be responsible – organic and fair trade with sustainable and reusable packaging  - while at the same time providing taste that rivals any sinful pleasure. Only through this type of responsible sinning can we give in to our pleasures while making sure our bodies, planet and mind are sustainable.